Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Configure Pritunl OpenVPN client on an EdgeRouter

This tutorial will explain configure the EdgeRouter as an OpenVPN client. This should only be done when a Pritunl Link IPsec configuration is not possible. Information on configuring the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter with IPsec can be found in the IPsec Peering section. The EdgeRouter has no hardware offloading support for OpenVPN and performance with OpenVPN will be significantly lower then using hardware offloaded IPsec. The expected performance will likely be less then 10 megabits/sec for most configurations. It is recommend to use AES 128bit with SHA-1 in the Pritunl server settings for best performance.

A Pritunl plugin is available for the EdgeRouter to simplify configuration. Download the plugin package from the pritunl-edgemax repository. This will contain a tar.gz file that can be uploaded to the EdgeRouter.
To do this open the Wizards tab in the EdgeRouter web console and select the + icon next to Features Wizards on the left sidebar. Then upload the plugin package and click Save.


Next click Add New in the Pritunl plugin wizard and set the Interface to vtun0. Then in the Pritunl web console create a user for the EdgeRouter in the Users tab and click the link button on the left side of the user to get the user links. Copy the temporary URI link for Pritunl Client and paste it in the Profile URI Link field in the EdgeRouter. Once saved the Pritunl plugin will download the profile and automatically configure the EdgeRouter to connect to the OpenVPN server.