Health Check

Configure endpoint health checks

Health checks allow verifying the status of a web server from the perspective of every endpoint. An alert can also be configured to be notified when the health check fails on an endpoint.

Configure Health Check

Open the Health Checks tab and click New. Then set the Name of the check and set the Check Type to HTTP Request. Add a role to the health check that will match one of the roles on the endpoint. Every endpoint with a matching role will perform the health check.

The Targets is a list of URLs that will be tested with a GET request. The Check Frequency is the time in seconds between each check. The Check Timeout is the time in seconds before the HTTP request will timeout. The HTTP Status Code is the expected status code that will be considered successful. The HTTP Headers allow setting headers that will be included in the HTTP request.

Once done click Save and after a few minutes data should begin to populate the graphs. The Error Log section will provide a log of errors that occur. If configured correctly the name of this health check should be listed in the Endpoints page.

Alerts for health checks can also be added with the alert type HTTP Health Check Failed.