Debugging Pritunl server

Getting Information For Bug Report

Use the commands below to get information needed for debugging an issue. Refer to Repair Database for information on repairing the database.

pritunl version
printf "dh:\n" && sudo df -h
printf "free:\n" && sudo free -l -m
printf "pritunl lsof: " && sudo lsof -p `pgrep -x pritunl` | wc -l
printf "pritunl-web lsof: " && sudo lsof -p `pgrep -x pritunl-web` | wc -l
printf "pritunl-dns lsof: " && sudo lsof -p `pgrep -x pritunl-dns` | wc -l
printf "pritunl limits:\n" && sudo cat /proc/`pgrep -x pritunl`/limits
printf "pritunl-web limits:\n" && sudo cat /proc/`pgrep -x pritunl-web`/limits
printf "pritunl-dns limits:\n" && sudo cat /proc/`pgrep -x pritunl-dns`/limits
printf "limits:\n" && sudo sh -c "ulimit -Hn; ulimit -Sn"
sudo netstat -tulpn | grep pritunl
printf "pritunl-http:\n" && curl -I http://localhost/check
printf "pritunl-internal:\n" && curl -I http://localhost:9756/check
printf "pritunl-https:\n" && curl --insecure https://localhost
sudo strace -p `pgrep -x pritunl`
sudo strace -p `pgrep -x pritunl-web`
sudo strace -p `pgrep -x pritunl-dns`

Server Synchronized Time

Several components of a multi-server Pritunl cluster rely on accurate synchronized time on all the servers. It is important to ensure all servers in a cluster have the same time.