Downgrading the Pritunl package

If it is necessary to downgrade the Pritunl package run the commands below to download the package and reset the database version. Previous package releases can be found in the GitHub Releases. Insure the correct package is downloaded for the Linux distribution. After downloaded the package install it using the commands specific to the package manager used. Next the database version must be reset to the previous version before the Pritunl server will be able to run. The database version is used to prevent an older version of Pritunl from running on a newer database that may have a different layout. It is best to check if any incompatible database upgrades have occurred by looking at the change log in the releases. If unsure contact support before upgrading. Once done restart the Pritunl service. For Pritunl clusters all package versions must be the same.

dpkg -i pritunl_1.XX.XXXX.XX-0ubuntu1.trusty_all.deb
service pritunl restart
yum install pritunl-1.XX.XXXX.XX-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm
systemctl restart mongod pritunl
service mongod restart