Subscribing to Pritunl

Subscriptions can purchased on the homepage or from the web console of a running Pritunl server. Credit card information is securely sent from the web browser directly to Stripe and is never stored or transferred on any other servers. A Pritunl server can be upgraded at any time and does not need to be reconfigured when upgrading to a subscription.

License Key

After creating a subscription a license key will be emailed to the email address used during checkout. The license key does not need to be used on the same server that was used to create the subscription. Premium subscriptions can be used for only one server and Enterprise licenses can be used for only one cluster. A cluster is a group of Pritunl servers connected to the same MongoDB database. If the license key is used on multiple clusters the subscription quantity will automatically increase the bill for each additional cluster.

Invoice and Long-Term Subscriptions

Some companies require full form invoices and annual subscriptions. This is only available with Enterprise subscriptions and there is no discount for annual subscriptions. To request an annual invoice for an Enterprise subscription email the bill-to information to [email protected] include an email address to receive the invoice and an email address to receive the license key.

Education Discount

There is a free subscription available to students, send an email to [email protected] for more information.