Host configuration

A host represents a server running an instance of Pritunl.


Below is a table of the host settings.




Name of the host. By default a random name generated.

Public Address

The public IP address or dns name of the host. This is the address vpn clients will use to connect to vpn servers.

Public IPv6 Address

Optional public IPv6 address or dns name of the host.

Routed IPv6 Network

IPv6 subnet that is routed to the host, must be at least /64

Local Address

Local network address of the host. This address is used for routing clients between replicated servers.

Local IPv6 Address

Local network IPv6 address of the host.

Availability Group

Availability group for host. Replicated servers will only replicated to a group of hosts in the same availability group. The group that best satisfies the replication count will be used.

Link Address

IP address or domain used when linked servers connect to a linked server on this host. This allows using an address that has a more efficient route for a host to host connection.

AWS Instance ID

ID of AWS instance. Only available on AWS. This should be automatically detected and should be left unmodified.