Command Line Interface

Pritunl command line interface usage

The pritunl-client package is available on Linux for installing the Pritunl Client on servers without the GUI interface.

Configuring a Profile

To add a profile run the command below with a URI link from the Pritunl server web console.

pritunl-client add pritunl://

When the profile is first added it must be manually started. First run pritunl-client list to get the ID of the profile. Then start the profile, partial IDs can be used. To start the profile with OpenVPN add the argument --mode=ovpn for WireGuard use --mode=wg.

pritunl-client list
pritunl-client start 5ac --mode=ovpn

All profiles will start on startup and a configuration sync will be done before connecting. If the client disconnects a profile sync will run before reconnecting. This allows making modifications to the Pritunl server without needing to make changes on the client. It is not recommended to configure auto starting profiles that require two-factor authentication.


The macOS CLI client is available at /Applications/


The Windows CLI client is available at C:\Program Files (x86)\Pritunl\pritunl-client.exe.