Gnome Client

Using Gnome OpenVPN client with Pritunl

Linux distributions using Gnome with NetworkManager (Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu) have good OpenVPN support and will be able to import Pritunl profiles. This is also currently the only way to get NetworkManager to use the DNS configuration from the Pritunl server. Profile sync isn't supported and some authentication modes may not work as well. To import the profile click Download Profiles on the profile view page, this may require clicking Show More at the bottom. Then extract the profile from the archive and run the command below to import the profile, update the paths and names to match the downloaded profile. Currently NetworkManager will always forward all internet traffic over the VPN this will break the internet connection if the Pritunl server isn't configured to route all traffic. If the Pritunl server isn't configured to route all traffic the commands at the bottom must also be run to disable the default route. Once done the OpenVPN profile will be shown in the top right menu.

nmcli connection import type openvpn file Downloads/org_linux_dev.ovpn

nmcli connection
NAME           UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE 
eno1           f743c99d-3d96-4cfd-bb1c-60579b35f96f  ethernet  eno1   
virbr0         be40c4da-4a92-499e-abfe-c54c93d717f4  bridge    virbr0 
org_linux_dev  fa27689f-a323-41d7-a0fe-595e4486e883  vpn       --     

# If all internet traffic is not being routed over VPN run this
nmcli connection modify org_linux_dev ipv4.never-default true
nmcli connection modify org_linux_dev ipv6.never-default true