IPv6 server configuration

Pritunl offers three primary IPv6 configurations, all three will provide IPv6 internet access to Pritunl clients including clients that only have IPv4 internet connections.


This is the simplest IPv6 configuration that will NAT the primary IPv6 address of the Pritunl server. Clients will be given private IPv6 addresses. This configuration only requires enabling IPv6 in the server settings.

Routed IPv6 Subnet

This configuration will give each Pritunl client an IPv6 address from a routed IPv6 subnet. All clients will get a public routable IPv6 address that will accept ICMPv6 traffic. The IPv6 firewall can be disabled in the advanced server to allow all traffic to reach the client. This configuration requires an IPv6 block that is routed to the Pritunl server. Some providers such as Linode will provide this upon request.

Routed IPv6 Subnet with Proxied NDP

Some providers will only route IPv6 addresses once found with Neighbor Discovery Protocol. By default NDP packets wont reach the Pritunl clients. This can be fixed by enabling Proxy NDP in the host settings. Providers such as Vultr provide an NDP routed IPv6 subnet to all servers by default.