Install SSH Client

Install Pritunl Zero SSH client

The Pritunl Zero SSH client is available on Linux and macOS. The client is a small Python script used to retrieve the SSH certificate from the Pritunl Zero server. The source code is available in the pritunl-zero-client repository.

OpenSSH 7.8

Starting with OpenSSH ECDSA or ED25519 client keys must be used. These can be generate with the command ssh-keygen -t ed25519.


To use the client first generate an SSH key by running ssh-keygen -t ed25519. A separate key should be used for Pritunl Zero. Then run the command pritunl-ssh, enter the hostname of the Pritunl Zero user web console and select the SSH key created earlier. The client will open a web page to approve the SSH key. If using on a remote server the cmd+double click can be used to open the link. Once done the SSH key will be ready to use until the certificate expires. Running the command pritunl-ssh will renew the certificate if it has expired. The command pritunl-ssh renew can be used to force a certificate renewal.


Homebrew must first be installed. Once installed add the pritunl/tap tap. Then install the pritunl-ssh formula.

brew tap pritunl/tap
brew install pritunl-ssh


Install the pritunl-ssh package on Linux. Refer to the Repositories page for a list of available repositories.