Endpoint Monitoring

Configure endpoint monitoring

Pritunl Endpoint is an endpoint security and monitoring system in development. Currently only monitoring of basic system metrics on Linux is available. The system will be expanded to support full system metric monitoring, system error alerts, security vulnerability monitoring and protection on Linux, macOS and Windows. The system is ready for production and can be deployed now. Future updates will expand the functionality without disruption to existing configurations.

Create Endpoint

To create an endpoint click New in the endpoints tab.


Next install the pritunl-endpoint package on the server using the Repositories. The copy the Registration URI from the previous step and use it in the command below.

sudo pritunl-endpoint register pritunl://demo.zero.pritunl.com/21558628109314cf389d77ec_YBREIGJsemWFYL2irNF0kRYyMBNw3fYiTsOKfO2C2QZiIIjL8AnqnzpWSTlCAu3s
sudo systemctl restart pritunl-endpoint
sudo journalctl -u pritunl-endpoint -f

After about 5 minutes enough data will be collected for the endpoint charts to show up.